Gettin' Indie With It!

Touring & Song Pitching Strategies In Europe

Gettin' Indie With It!

Touring & Song Pitching Strategies In Europe: How, When, Where, Why?

Focused on developing effective goal setting, realization and career strategies for songwriters, performing artists in response to a rapidly changing music industry. Designed for those adamantly opposed to a sacrificing their creative calling passion for a full time job. The workshop will specifically target models for song pitching, artist career development, national and international touring, independent funding, product sponsorships, fan base development and more - with ample time allotted for Q&A.

An active consultant, guest teacher, tour and event producer, Brett's traveled to 38 countries thus far, working with thousands of artists from around the globe.

Brett will share his overview of the current scene, strategies and opportunities for those seeking to tour and market their songs in the - with a focus on each participant coming out of the workshop with at least one new idea on how to advance towards realization of their goals.
Participants should come prepared to present at least one song for feedback, since it all begins with the song...

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"Brett Perkins really knows his stuff. He speaks with passion and a great wealth of knowledge, and it just so happens he's a lovely guy too!"
- David McAllister

Get a taster of the workshop with the video below.